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Presenting topics of interest to Aerospace Educators, Civil Air Patrol Aerospace Education Officers, CAP members, pilots, Astronomy Educators, Earth Science Educators, Science Teachers, elementary school teachers, and all who are interested in aerospace and/or the earth sciences. This is a non-profit www page and is not an official website of the Civil Air Patrol..


Our 25th Year!

  To Be Announced

In light of the current virus situation the workshop had to be cancelled for this summer.



June 10-13 ORAU


   The Aerospace/STEM Workshop for Teachers will be held June 15-19 at the Pellissippi State Hardin Valley Campus this year.  This year will be our 25th year for the teacher workshop.   Last summer the Oak Ridge Associated Universities hosted our class in Oak Ridge for June 10-14, 2019.  The workshop has had a 24 year run of highly successful AE teacher workshops at UT Knoxville with all of the teachers rating it as the "best teacher workshop" they had ever taken.   We also had two National AE Teacher of the Year awardees from the past two years. 

Updates will be posted here:   ClassUpdateNotes2020.htm     Class members check for updates often




Join the Civil Air Patrol as a teacher member, AEM, and tap into free classroom STEM kits, 17 different ones, and other aerospace education and STEM resources.   All free!


Information below:

Teacher Application to join CAP as an AEM member  Aerospace Education Member,  teacher members

Link to National CAP Headquarters AEM announcements


Workshop Directors:                                   

Lt. Colonel Dave Garner, Civil Air Patrol, AEO,   865-966-9811 home,  865-661-9811 cell;

Lt. Colonel Gary Lynn,  CAP TN Wing Director of AE,  Teacher Morgan Co. Schools

Sherlyn Dawson, Concord Christian School

Learning Objectives of course:

The learning objectives are the following:

The teachers taking the workshop will learn the importance of aerospace for our country.   Aerospace makes up our third top industry, leading the world, and offering high income employment opportunities.
The teachers will learn how to teach and incorporate aerospace concepts into their respective classroom.
The course will incorporate STEM and "hands-on" teaching resources.
The teachers graduating the course will be able to order CAP STEM kits worth thousands of dollars and other AE resources; free.
Follow-up AE resources will be provided by the Civil Air Patrol as each teacher will join CAP as a teacher member, AEM.
The teachers are encouraged to become educational leaders in their school system.


The content of the course includes experts in aerospace, aviation, and aerospace education.
The course includes hands on AE/STEM activities for the teachers.
The course includes an orientation flight with the Civil Air Patrol 
The course includes an orientation flight with the TN Air Guard, re KC135 air refueling mission; providing a "once in a life time" educational experience.

2018 July 20 We fly with the 134th Air Refueling Wing of the TN Air National Guard

    2018-07-20 UT AE Class at the 134TN ANG KC 135.jpg

    2018-07-20 ready to get on for refueling mission.jpg

    2018-07-20 F16 off our wing tip.jpg

    2018-07-20 Pilot and co-pilot KC 135 of 134th Air Refueling Wing TNANG.jpg

    2018-07-20 F16 being refueled.jpg

    2018-07-20 two F16's off our wing tip.jpg

    2018-07-20 Over UT Campus from our KC135.jpg

    UT AE Class of 2018 7-20-18.JPG

    Refueling movie of our flight July 20, 2018 UT AE/STEM Teacher Workshop





We are now on Facebook

Teacher Aerospace Education Summer Workshops 

A number of teacher workshops in Aerospace Education will be presented throughout the southeast region of the USA next summer. The following is a current list of workshops scheduled for this summer. Most offer graduate credit and many offer tuition free grants. Check this page for additional listings.

Other AE Workshops

(Note: the links below  will open a new browser window and leave this site.) 


Air Force Association (AFA) grants and STEM funds available for teachers:

There are three particular programs our chapter participates in: (1) Teacher of the Year, (2) Matching Grants, and (3) Matching Grants Other than Education. The objectives of these programs, respectively, are to recognize classroom teachers for their accomplishments and achievements in exciting K-12 students about STEM, promote and develop STEM activities and events, and promote activities that advocate and support STEM. You can find requirements and selection criteria, again, respectively, at,, and, and the deadline for submitting nominations to me for all three programs is the end of February (Thu, Feb 28). You also can call me at 865-458-6111 if you have any questions. We're happy to announce that starting this year we'll be able to submit nominations to compete in two categories for teacher of the year: K-8 and 9-12. We're sure we all know someone somewhere worthy of one of these awards...and it doesn't matter if the person you have in mind already has won in another organization. Let's continue to keep the State of Tennessee at the forefront in these worthy endeavors.

Contact:Rafael Pubillones        


Also STEM Kits from CAP available to AEM's, and AEO's.  

We still have an active STEM Kit program with money to support the distribution of the STEM Kits to their squadrons and to AEM's for their classroom.

We still have about 40% of the CAP squadrons that have NOT ordered a FREE STEM Kit.   Go to and click on STEM Kit program at the top of the page to find out how to request a kit.  These kits are free and can be kept at the squadron forever……We would love to provide these kits to the AEOs and help further the AE mission in CAP.   Go to and click on AE Announcements to learn more about all of the upcoming AEO Schools.

Go to the National CAP Website and then to AE section to order.  They are free and are a great resource.

Suzanne Costner, CAP Teacher of Year, resources for teachers: Suzanne's resources for AE

How to do a Teacher Workshop,  PowerPoint Presentation given at the CAP National Conference August 12, 2016.

Other CAP AE News:

CAP National AEO School to be held in Pensacola, FL, June , 2020 TBA. 

National Staff School for CAP Aerospace Education Officers

What CAP can do for you...

Cadets and senior members provide a wealth of talent that can be drawn on for many different projects and events. Teachers may join the CAP as Aerospace Educators and take advantage of many resources available through CAP, USAF, and NASA. Contact CAP for additional information about teachers CAP AE membership.


AEO Resources presented by CAP National Headquarters


New (as of Oct 1, 2015) online report forms for squadron AEO Plan of Action Reports

October 1, the new online version of the Squadron AE Plan of Action (POA).  The FY 18 POA, due October 15, can be accomplished by hard copy, using formats in CAPP 15, or it can be completed online.  You will find the online version much easier and less time consuming.  The paragraphs below provide you with information about the online POA and other AE deadlines.  Wing DAEs and Region DCS/AEs will have access, and will be able to view the submitted Squadron POAs. Please send this email to your squadron AEOs so they will be aware of the online POA and upcoming deadlines.

 The FY 16 online Squadron AE POA can be found on eservices. Look on the left side of the main page if you are using the old eservices, and look in the AE section if you using the new eservices.  Read and follow the instructions on the Home Page.  The squadron AEOs will find the form to be very self explanatory.  Squadron AEOs should discuss their POA with the Squadron Commander and then obtain the commander’s approval prior to submission.  The commander’s approval will be indicated at the top of the form. 

 Just a reminder, here is information regarding upcoming AE deadlines/timelines.  In 2014, AE switched the POA, AE Annual Activity Report and nominated AE awards from calendar year to fiscal year to be in line with others in CAP.  These changes required date changes, which appear in the 2014 update of CAPR 280-2.  So, based on this information, 2018 end of year squadron AE Annual Activity Reports will be due to the next higher headquarters by October 15 following the formats in CAPP 15, dated December 2009, pages 32-37.  Group and Wing AE Annual Activity Reports are due on the dates noted in CAPR 280-2.   For AE Award nominations, use the forms in CAPP 15, pages 36-44, and submit the nominations according to the dates listed in CAPR 280-2, dated 2014. 



AE Plan of Action and End of Year AE reports for squadron, group, and wing: See National AEO resources and reports section.

Note new due dates:

Squadron AE Action Report, due 15 October

Note: Report forms are found in your AEO handbook, PO15.

Wing AE Plan of Action Report, due before 15 January

Squadron End of Year AE Report, due 15 Oct,  Region to National before 15 February

Brewer Award Nominations Due by January 15 to SER Region DCS AE and SER Awards Committee

Due dates (National Website)

Civil Air Patrol National Headquarters

How to join CAP

Locate a local squadron, contact the squadron commander to visit the squadron and ask for an application to join.  Cadets from 12 years old to 21, Adults 21 and up.  Click this link to locate a squadron near you:

Teacher Application to join CAP as an AEM member


AEO Resources presented by CAP National Headquarters



Information for CAP AE Officers and AEM's:       

NEON:  Website NASA Educators Online Network, is a free resource for teachers, Civil Air Patrol Aerospace Education Officers, CAP AEM's, and others interested in Aerospace Education.  This site links educators together to share resources, information, and experiences.  It is somewhat like "Facebook" but the emphasis is on Aerospace Education.  Simply go to

to setup your account and then log in and start your discovery.  There is a group for Civil Air Patrol Aerospace Education, so be sure to join this group and start sharing your AE experience for fellow CAP AEO's and AEM's.


CAP Aerospace Education Member (AEM) contact information – CAP Region and Wing Commanders, DCS/AEs and DAEs in each region and wing now have accessibility to the names and contact information of Aerospace Education Members in their wings and regions. We would like you to know who these outstanding people are so you can invite them to AE workshops, Fly-a-Teacher events, and any other relevant program that would apply to Aerospace Educators for your area. This information can be found in e-services under Member Reports and Aerospace Education links and requires permissions received from your commander.

 Information for CAP Directors of Aerospace Education (DAE) pertaining to the Yeager Test: CAP members can now receive immediate feedback when they take the Yeager Test online. After successfully passing the test online, the member will automatically have his/her accomplishment posted to his/her records and the Yeager Certificate will be available for download as a pdf. DAEs can track which wing members have taken and passed the online test by logging in at and going to "Test Reports" in the left column of the menu. This link is restricted to those assigned to CAP region or wing HQ. If the DAE is not assigned to the wing HQ, please contact for specific permissions. (NOTE: A Form 127 and CAPC 20 are only needed if the exam is taken with pencil/paper.) This process should streamline the CAP Yeager test process and make the reporting easier for all concerned.

 CAP Aerospace Education materials can now be ordered online! AEMs, AEOs, and AE Affiliates can now order one copy of our materials via our online ordering system. Sign in at CAP’s e-services: Look on the far right column and find CAP Materials and click Submit Order. You will find a drop down menu where you should choose AE Materials. Fill out the order form and our mailroom will process and fill your order. If you need any further assistance, please contact

Aerospace Education Professionals:

You can view the latest AE Newsbrief from CAP NHQ at: on our CAP AE web pages. Some of you already do this but:  Please pass this link on to your Aerospace Education Officers in the units and any other interested parties such as your AEMs, PAOs, Cadet Programs leaders, etc., so they may be kept in the loop as far as what is available to CAP members and the latest AE information.  

Visit the AE website at: to learn about all of the resources and opportunities CAP AE offers its members. Learn about the AEX (Aerospace Education Excellence) Program, grant opportunities from AFA, Teacher Orientation Program (TOP) Flights, the K-6 Aerospace Connections in Education (ACE) Program, Model Rocketry Program and the latest info on what is new for Aerospace Education Officers and Aerospace Education Members (AEMs) – teacher members.


National Staff School for CAP Aerospace Education Officers

Another successful National AEO School!

I attended the June National AEO School at Pensacola Naval Air Station.  We had over 40 AEO officers from across the county attend.  The school was another big success!  I encourage all AEO officers at all levels to attend this school.  Details for 2014 are on the National AE Website.  The school is scheduled for the last week of June 2015.

LTC Dave Garner,


Class of 2013

Pensacola Naval Air Station,  Pensacola Florida,  June 2021 tba.   Additional AE schools are being planned for other parts of the country.  This AE school is aimed for state CAP DAE's, Region DCS AE, and AE staff at state, group and squadron levels.   

AEO Schools this summer

CAP Aerospace Education Officers – If you are a CAP Aerospace Education Officer, register to attend the Aerospace Education Officer School near you. The National Aerospace Education Officer School will be held at Pensacola NAS, Florida last week of June: for more information)


Link to AEO School Site   Information

  LTC Dave Garner,

Application to Attend June 2020 Class

National AEO School Website  School Information

Mark your calendar now!

AE News from CAP

AEX Application and Completion Report Now Online! It is now even easier to participate in the CAP Aerospace Education Excellence Award (AEX) Program. You can go online in CAP e-services and apply electronically and submit your completion report electronically. When you apply, you will receive an email confirmation and soon after you will receive your AEX books in the mail. Upon completion of the program, simply fill out the electronic report online and receive your plaque and certificates in the mail in about 2 weeks. Now is the time to join us for this exciting program! If you need to find out more go to and check under the appropriate AEX column.

  1. Air Force Association (AFA) grant cycle deadline for CAP Educator Grants is September 30, 2018. Complete the application for the educator grant at: . NOTE: Deadline for AFA Grant cycle for units will be December 31, 2019. Information can be found at:



NASA Announces eClips for Educators and Students – This web-based educational project is offered free to every student and educator in the country, from kindergarten level through lifelong learners. NASA eClips are short, five- to 10-minute video segments available on-demand via the Internet for the current school year. Check out the potential of this project at


NASA Announces eClips for Educators and Students – This web-based educational project is offered free to every student and educator in the country, from kindergarten level through lifelong learners. NASA eClips are short, five- to 10-minute video segments available on-demand via the Internet for the current school year. Check out the potential of this project at .

Links to Web Sites of Interest to Aerospace Educators

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NASA Educational Resources

(Note: the links below will open a new browser window and leave this site.) -- A NASA-wide interactive information service geared to the educational community (One of the best NASA resources for educators)

Free NASA Educational Materials:

Do it yourself Podcast:

NASA eClips, Video Learning Clips:

NASA Digital Learning Network Webcast:

NASA Education TV Schedule:

Image Galleries:

NASA Education’s Act Now page highlights upcoming NASA opportunities available for teachers and students.

If you are somewhere where you can get video, here's an interesting web site that combines a bunch of NASA feeds.....
For lower bandwidth or those following along at work where video may not be allowed, there are the usual line-up of good web sites....
has running commentary Note: When you use Heavens-Above, (a) be sure to include the hyphen, and (b) don't forget to enter your location, because it defaults to 0N,0E which is off the coast of Africa. Or create an account for yourself to have it remember your viewing locations.

Audio-Visual Resources

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  • Civil Air Patrol National Headquarters  

  • Southeast Region Headquarters CAP
  • Tennessee Wing CAP Headquarters
  • USAF Home Page
  • Aviation Hub in CyberSpace
  • Tennessee Aviation Association
  • Aviation Landings-Top rated on-line directory of aviation links and data.
  • Florida Group 1 AE Webpage:
    California CAP Aerospace Education Website:
  •           Northeast Region CAP Aerospace Education Website: 


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    About LTC Garner:


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