1.                  Squadron AE Report due and AE Officer duties at squadron levels


a) Your DAE should complete the Wing “End-of-Year” Report and include copies of your squadron AE survey reports and send all to the SER DCS AE, LTC Dave Garner, and National Headquarters CAP AE, no later than 28 February.   Each squadron should send a copy of their AE survey and attach any documentation and PR from AE activities completed during this year to their respective DAE.


a)  Each squadron should have an AE Officer appointed.  Squadron Commander assumes duty if no AE Officer is appointed.  Each squadron AE Officer should be assigned to the AE track (215) and complete the AE Specialty Track Rating System.


            b) Each squadron AE Officer should be part of each squadron program

            Presenting an aerospace education briefing and/or instruction leading to

            Completion of the AEPSM AE examination. (Yeager Award)


c) Each squadron should develop a plan to work with area schools to act as a resource to promote aerospace education in the community.  (See 2a)


d) Each squadron AE Officer should communicate with DAE at Wing Headquarters as to all community and squadron AE activity.  Wing DAE should communicate all Wing AE activities to SER DCS AE.


e) Brewer Award nominations: CAP Senior, CAP Cadet, Individual, Organization; due to Wing Headquarters, with copy to the SER DCS AE, not later than January 30.


f) For more information and survey forms see your Aerospace Education Officer’s Handbook, Pamphlet 15, Dec 99.   Also forms are on the National CAP Website.



3.         SER and National AE activities


National Aerospace Education Officer Staff College


The annual National Aerospace Officer Staff School was held June 25-28, 2008 at the Peniscola Navy Air Station, FL.  This school is directed toward state DAE’s and their Internal and External AE officers at wing level, but also open to AE officers at group and squadron level.  The focus of the school is on making your job easier to do by educating you on resources available.  The instruction and seminars bring you up-to-date on the latest resources.  More details are on the SER AE Website at  Applications are being accepted now for the June 2009 National Aerospace Officer Staff School.


NCASE  The National Congress of Aviation and Space Education is held every other year in October.  See the national NCASE website for information about the next NCASE.   CAP AE Officers at all levels are encouraged to attend this conference.



Aerospace Excellence Program


The Civil Air Patrol is offering a very popular program free to its members that involve doing hands-on aviation and space-related activities with students.  It is called AEX, and the acronym stands for  Aerospace Education Excellence”.  Teachers receive an 80 page, full-color book that features over 20 national standards-based aerospace hands-on activities.  Once you get the AEX book, all you have to do is complete six activities by Apr 30 (three of the six activities must be from the AEX curriculum. Substitute activities require copies of lesson plans to be attached to the report form.) In addition, one two-hour field experience (space day, trip to the airport, museum, etc) must be completed to earn a beautiful 11 X 14 wooden plaque plus color certificates for your students.  The activities are designed to fit into any curriculum.  All of the projects featured in AEX I (K-5 book) or AEX II (6-12 book) are very “teacher-friendly” and involve readily available, low-cost materials.   Contact CAP AE National Headquarters if you would like a brochure mailed to you.  SCHOOL SIGNUP ENDS OCT 31.  (Note:  CAP units may participate in the AEX program from Jan – Jun.)  Download unit brochure here. CAP UNIT SIGNUP ENDED DEC 31. E-mail for the program may be sent to .


4.               SER leads the Nation in AE activity

Congratulations to Florida Wing as the top AE Wing in the nation for four years straight!



We have 70% of all of the AEM membership nation-wide in the SER.  Tennessee has the highest number of AEM members in the nation.  Florida is second.

We have 70% of all AE Teacher workshops.  CAP plays an active part in many of these teacher workshops.

The SER usually dominates in CAP AE Awards, both Brewer and top wings in AE.

We have much to be proud of in our region.  We must all work as a team in SER to continue our AE leadership position and improve in all areas.


For the Commander,

Dave Garner

LTC Dave Garner