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As of May 15, 2019


All students for the Basic AE Class of 2019:   Thank you for signing up for the  classes.    Information and updates will be posted on this website.  Class dates: June 10-13, 2019

 Teachers you must be an AEM member to take part in our workshop flying activities.  Join CAP as an AEM member.  If you have not joined yet, do so now. Link on this website.

You will need to keep your CAP AEM membership up-to-date, or for new Basic Class students, you will need to join CAP as a teacher member, called AEM.  Information and web links are below.

First day of class, Monday June 10, 9AM,  ORAU Oak Ridge Campus, Pollard Conference Center

Most days on campus we will be out by noon or shortly after.  Class starts at 0900 sharp.  One or two afternoons you will be involved with flying with the CAP for your flight experience. 

Bring you CAP ID card with you and have it each day.  You will need it to fly and also for admission to the Air National Guard Base at McGhee Tyson.


If you, or any perspective student, has questions contact: 

Lt Colonel Dave Garner

CAP ORAU AE/STEM Teacher Workshop Director





  You will need to join CAP's AEM program as a teacher member.  Application at: 

Please complete the CAP AEM application and get it off to the CAP so you will have your membership by our fieldtrip time.   This needs to be done by early June,  or before, so your membership is back by the start of class in July.   You can now register as an AEM online at the CAP website:

Note: when you register online your confirmation email will have your CAP Membership number.

Mail or fax, or complete online,  the completed application and your payment of $35.00  to: Civil Air Patrol NHQ/AE/CP, Attention: AEM, Hansell St., Maxwell AFB, AL  36112, Phone: (334) 953-4213 Fax: (334) 953-4235  **Application and survey forms can be found on-line at                           

 June 14: We have applied for an orientation flight by the 134th air refueling wing at McGhee Tyson TN Air National Guard aboard a KC135 for a possible refueling mission.   Update, May 14, the flight with the air guard will be rescheduled for later in May or in June.  The air guard has USAF missions on the 14th.

Teachers Basic signups for AE Class, as of May, 2019:                    Note some information may be incorrect re class changes

2018 Teacher Sign-Ups (BASIC)

BASIC Sign-Ups



Student ID #




Subject & Grade

1 Adams, Evan   Morristown Maury Middle School Jefferson Co Math, 6-8
2 Anderson, Tracy   Knoxville Northwest Middle Knox Co STEM 6-8
3 Ayers, Mary Ann   Cumberland Gap Valley View Elementary Campbell Co Kindergarden
4 Ayton, Sandra   Knoxville Cedar Bluff Middle Knox 6th grade Science
5 Baird, Felicia   Rocky Top Caryville Elementary Campbell Co 2nd grade
6 Brock, Tresa   Lafollette Valley View Elementary Campbell Co 4th grade
7 Callahan-Mims, Amanda   Cumberland Gap Spring Hill Elementary Knox Co K-5 STEM


Carter, Jessica   Knoxville Karns Elementary Knox Co Library and K-2


Crutchfield, Angela   Cumberland Gap Valley View Elementary Campbell Co Library and Pre-K-5th


Hatcher, Susan   Knoxville Bearden Middle Knox Co 7th grade Science


Jones, Christy   Jellico Jellico Elementary Campbell Co 4th grade


Keer, Robert   LaFollette Campbell Co High School Campbell Co 11-12th English and History


Ladue, Patrick   Oak Ridge Oak Ridge High School Oak Ridge HS Applied Technology


Mattie, Jane   LaFollette Valley View Elementary Campbell Co 5th grade Science


Sells, Christy   Maryville Heritage High School Blount Co Biology, and STEM


Stevens, Carol   Clinton Valley View Elementary Campbell Co 1-5th grade ELA


Strange, Stephen   Powell Bearden Elementary Knox Co 4th grade Science


Teague, Tamra   Speedwell LaFollette Middle School Campbell Co ELA, CCLC
19 Wessell, Matthew   Knoxville Bearden Middle School Knox 7-8th grade Science
20 White, Celeste   Knoxville West High School Knox 11-12 Math

9 Alternates on hold for possible dropouts before June 10.

Last updated:  May 15 2019