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As of July 4, 2017


All students for the Basic AE Class of 2017:   Thank you for signing up for the  classes.    Information and updates will be posted on this website. 

 Teachers you must be an AEM member to take part in our workshop flying activities.  Join CAP as an AEM member.  If you have not joined yet, do so now. Link on this website.

You will need to keep your CAP AEM membership up-to-date, or for new Basic Class students, you will need to join CAP as a teacher member, called AEM.  Information and web links are below.


If you, or any perspective student, has questions contact me via email,, or via phone, at 865-966-9811, or Pat Flynn, UT College of Ed at 865-974-6139

Also check out and post on our Facebook page at University of Tennessee Aerospace Workshop for Teachers.

  Update:   Registration for this year’s workshop necessitates registration for 3 graduate credit hours. In order for you do get these 3 credit hours, you will need to apply to the Graduate School by May 1 as a NON-DEGREE SEEKING STUDENT for full-session summer.  As soon as you get your letter of acceptance from the Graduate School, please contact Pat Flynn at UT College of Ed, 865-974-6139, with your Student ID number. I will need this number to register you for the workshop. You will not be able to register yourself.


Note to alternates:   If you are an alternate with a number between 1-3, we encourage you to go ahead and get admitted to graduate school as the deadline is May 1.  In past years, most of our drops occurred in May or June and we could not register our alternates as the May 1 graduate school deadline had passed.  Note:  The cost on admission to graduate school is not covered by our grant.


Thank you for your interest in the Aerospace Education Workshops at the University of Tennessee. Our programs begin with summer, 2nd session. The programs will be held July 5-19, 2017. To find out details about the classes go to the website

Application to the UT Office of Graduate and International Admissions can be completed in one step. To be considered for admission to the programs, please go to . Certain items are required. You will need to have:

§ a $60 non-refundable admission application fee or $30 non-refundable readmission fee. The Aerospace Grant does not pay for the application fee. If you have attended UT before as a graduate student, call 865-974-3251 to find out if you can fill out a readmission form.

§ a copy of your transcripts from each previous college or university attended, available in electronic format (MS Word or PDF) to complete the application (unofficial copies will suffice initially).

§ When you are admitted to the program, you will then be required to have official copies of your transcripts sent to the UT graduate admissions office at the address below:

Office of Graduate and International Admissions
111 Student Services Building
Knoxville, TN 37996-0211
(865) 974-3251

Program Application Procedures:

§ By May 1, fill out your application online to the Graduate Admissions Office as described above.  CALL Pat Flynn AT 865-974-6139 TO REGISTER FOR THE COURSE and/or admission to grad school.

Student Enrollment Steps


  Civil Air Patrol Teacher Membership Information AEM



 Graduate School Application

New - Graduate School Application                                                                                    $60.00

Readmission - Graduate School Application                                                                                $30.00


 Graduate Application Deadlines:

 Aerospace Workshop students Graduate Application Deadline: NO LATER THAN MAY 1.

(NOTE: The earlier that you submit your graduate school application, the better chances you have of getting your transcripts sent to the Graduate School on time and being admitted on time.)

 Graduate Application Requirements:

 Checking Graduate Application Status:

 Admittance to Workshop

 email web application:    Lt. Col. Dave Garner will inform you that you are in the workshop.

 Admittance to Graduate School

          After Lt. Col. Dave Garner lets you know that you are in the workshop, you will submit your Graduate School Application. WORKSHOP REGISTRATION: The Graduate School will contact you that you have been admitted. When the Graduate School contacts you that you have been admitted, contact Pat Flynn ( to register you for the workshop.





The UT AE  Workshop course number is: tba, 


 The Aerospace Grant from the Tennessee Aeronautics Commission will be paying your tuition, tba ,  for your workshop this summer, so this means after you are registered for the course you will have to go online to confirm your attendance for summer, do not do this yourself or before late spring 2013.  Note if you receive a bill for your course call Janie Young.


  You will need to join CAP's AEM program as a teacher member.  Application at: 

Please complete the CAP AEM application and get it off to the CAP so you will have your membership by our fieldtrip time.   This needs to be done by early June,  or before, so your membership is back by the start of class in July.   You can now register as an AEM online at the CAP website:

Note: when you register online your confirmation email will have your CAP Membership number.

Mail or fax, or complete online,  the completed application and your payment of $35.00  to: Civil Air Patrol NHQ/AE/CP, Attention: AEM, Hansell St., Maxwell AFB, AL  36112, Phone: (334) 953-4213 Fax: (334) 953-4235  **Application and survey forms can be found on-line at                           

Fieldtrip:   Our fieldtrip will be to the Marshall Space Flight Center NASA Complex and the Alabama Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama.  We will car pool down to the site and we will work out the details during the first week of our workshop.   We have applied for an orientation flight by the 134th air refueling wing at McGhee Tyson TN Air National Guard aboard a KC135 for a possible refueling mission.

Teachers Basic signups for AE Class, as of July, 2017:                     

2017 Teacher Sign-Ups (BASIC) –

BASIC Sign-Ups



Student ID #




Subject & Grade


Kris Fabick

tba Kingsport

Dobyns-Bennett HS

Sulivan Co  math


Kami Preston   Johnson City Lake Ridge Sulivan Co k-preschool


Ashley Hughey   Lenoir City Concord Christian Private Algebra and Geometry


Sherilyn Dawson tba Knoxville Concord Christian School Private STEM K-5


Christopher Recio   Maryville Ritta Elementary Knox Math, Science


Gina Flynn tba Knoxville Concord Christian School Private Calculus, Physics 10-12


Cheryl Arp tba Loudon Madisonville Middle School Monroe Co 8th grade math


Gina Grubb tba Oak Ridge Eagleton Middle School Blount Co 6-8 STEM
10 Julie Small tba Knoxville Union Grove Middle Blount Co Science and Social Studies
11 Thomas Kowalewski tba Loudon Heritage High School Blount Co 9-12, Technology, PC, Com
12 Mark Andrews tba Knoxville Heritage High School Blount Co 10-12, Algebra, Geometry
13 Robyn Crum tba Maryville Heritage High School Blount Co 9-12 Math
14 Lynn Duggan tba Maryville Porter Elementary Bount Co K-2 all subjects

Last updated:  7/04/17